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UPDATE- Province Changes Family Day Date Starting 2019 – Does It Mean Anything? (VIDEO)

Fraser Valley -In just one short day since FVN posted the story and video, came a not so subtle hint from Premier John Horgan that the date for family Day could sync up with the rest of the country. Business wise it makes sense. In 24 hours, that change came with the Provincial announcement.

Starting next year, British Columbia’s Family Day will be moved to the third week in February so families across the country can celebrate together, announced Premier John Horgan.

Family Day was established in British Columbia in 2013 following a consultation process that had recommended the holiday be on either the second or third Monday of February. The government of the day decided on the second Monday, even though it was inconsistent with other Canadian provinces and the United States.

In announcing the change for 2019, Premier Horgan says Family Day will now be better aligned for businesses and families.

Surrey Board of Trade CEO Anita Huberman welcomed the change.

“The misalignment of Family Day causes inconvenience, increased costs, and lost opportunity for businesses of all sizes and in various industries,” said Huberman. “The economic benefit from this change will greatly assist our members, and especially small- and medium-sized businesses, across the province.”

Needless to say, the BC Liberals, who under then Premier Christy Clark brought in Family Day to BC, were not pleased with the change and noted the [ossible harm to tourism.

It’s disappointing to see the BC NDP take aim at the tourism industry by unilaterally moving Family Day.

The BC Family Day weekend has become one of the top performing business periods of the year for many B.C. ski destinations, generating between $7-10 million in incremental visitor spending per winter. In a time of economic uncertainty for many industries, John Horgan is now saying he doesn’t have their back.

The absolute lack of consultation is a slap in the face to the sector and highlights the NDP’s priorities, which clearly aren’t British Columbian jobs.

It’s another reminder the BC NDP simply doesn’t care about small businesses or the economy. The NDP is taking opportunities away from our resource based industries, needlessly putting our wine industry at risk, threatening the agricultural sector and are now going after our tourism economy.

It seems the only thing this government will not consult on is creating jobs.

FEBRUARY 8 ORIGINAL STORY – We have to ask. Family Day (and the long weekend that it has created) is a fairly new concept for British Columbians. It started in 2013 under the Christy Clark Liberals and is one week ahead of other Provinces and Territories with their long weekend. (Alberta was the first Canadian Province to have a family Day, which started in 1990).

There’s where some controversy arises for business.

While we are taking a Monday off, the rest of the country continues on with a regular business day.

Conversely, the opposite happens in the following week.

The stat does break up that long stretch between New Year’s Day and Good Friday/Easter.

But do you plan for Family Day? Or is it just a day to sleep in. For some, it’s a stat day overtime bump on the paycheck.

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And the official video from the Province:


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