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The Clarity Project – New Online Course To Empower Women

Abbotsford – Aryn Savard, the owner of the Goddess Movement in Abbotsford is launching her first online course with her new company, aimed to empower women.
It’s called The Clarity Project and will debut on February 1st (Course Purpose Description).
COURSE PURPOSE: The purpose of The Clarity Project is to help build a tool kit of internal navigation, self awareness, and practical processes, so when the wave comes, you are prepared to float your boat to the next journey!
Ayrn’s story is a Valley feel good story:

I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe that everyone is capable of a big, beautiful life. One in which they are able to set strong boundaries based out of love, where they respect themselves so much, the rest of the world has no choice but to do so as well. YOU have the potential to see your world so clearly you can confidently move forward knowing the path in front of you is meant to be. Where we often get stuck is in our old patterns/belief systems/rules. My passion as a Soul Shaker and Rule Breaker is help you question these things, to chip into the habits within which you function and see them from an outside, loving perspective. When you have help navigating things that no longer move you forward into your big, beautiful life, it’s time to gently ask them to go. I provide a safe, loving space to witness your reclamation of self. I’m not a counselor, just someone who believes greatly in human potential. Ask WHY…A LOT. I get right fired up when I can see people embrace their experiences with wide-eyed child-like curiosity. It is with this perspective we can joyously step into the work we need to to claim the sacred space we are meant to on this planet. Humans living the fullest versions of themselves is the most magical, loving thing on earth! This is what I’m meant to do…help YOU discover the fullest version of yourself…break the rules of society and discover your truth…and to create a planet of fucking awesome people loving their lives!

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