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Book Review – The World Needs More Canada – Indigo Press

Fraser Valley – (Don Lehn) – Coffee table books are a tricky thing. They should be noticed but not overbearing. Eye catching but not tacky or preachy.

Indigo Press’ The World Needs More Canada is the prefect and concise celebration of Canada 150th celebration of confederation. It’s a wonderful mix, in French and English, capsulizing what Canada means to over 100 Canadians. Some well known. Some not well known but who as an average Canuck, one should learn a little more about.

From Astronaut Chris Hatfield to Actress Kim Cattrall. Wayne Gretzky and a rather humble Don Cherry to Drake and Celine Dion.

It’s not sappy patriotism. It’s a thoughtful and sometimes very funny reflection on being Canadian.

Eric Peterson, the actor best known as the grumpy dad from Corner Gas said it best. Part of being Canadian is complaining about the &^%$#@@! weather.

There are a few notable omissions that I personally would have loved to read. Neil Young, Matthew Perry and the late Allan Thicke come to mind, but overall, a great reflection of just who we are. Throw in some Martin Short, Margaret Atwood and David Suzuki.

The World Needs More Canada is the perfect light reading present for anyone who wants to learn a little bit more of what lies north of the 49th.

I know a few friends overseas and in the States who should have this book.

And you should too !

The World Needs More Canada is available today, exclusively at Indigo stores and online at The paperback retails for $24.99, and a limited edition hardcover version is $55.

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