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OPINION – Chilliwack Snow Removal- Regardless Of The Records

Fraser Valley/Chilliwack (Ann Soutar) – Dear Mayor Gaetz and Council,
What an amazing time to drop the ball!  We survived the snow in December and early January, sadly without much help from you.  This latest blast was not a surprise according to Environment Canada, and surely you at City Hall must receive the same alerts.   The snowmagedon started again on Friday, Feb. 2nd.  It is now Feb. 4th and still a blizzard, and yet, there has as far as I can see, little, if any snow removal downtown.  Given the volume of snow I walked today only as my car is snowed in (not your he issue).  Had I been able to get my car out of the parking lot at my apartment, the side streets were impassable, but more incredibly, the main streets were impassable!
I managed to walk to the grocery store despite the foot and a half of snow on the sidewalks and streets, and was lucky I stayed on my feet given the ice and conditions I encountered.  At a little over 50 I am lucky that I did not have a walker or wheelchair to try to navigate the conditions!  But I certainly saw a number of folks with walkers trying to get to their destination.
Given that many business owners could not make it to open today, as the roads were not passible, no sidewalks were cleared.
Perhaps our snow budget is blown for the year, but I suspect citizens would happily pay a bit more if it meant they could get to work.  Sadly we have to get to work to pay more taxes.
This again, was NO surprise and we wonder why you where once again unprepared or unwilling to schedule and budget for this latest storm.
Please let us know what the issue was/is?
Props to Sue Attrill ( City Councillor) who responded within minutes of our questions:
“I know our crews are working around the clock but with no breaks in the snow fall are struggling to get to the secondary routes. As always there will not but snow removal in residential areas until all First and Secondary roads are clear. It is up to individuals and businesses to clear their own driveways and sidewalks. The snow angel program is still operating to assist homeowners who are unable to clear their own sidewalks. We encourage neighbors to help neighbors as well. Stay safe out there and do not drive unless you have to.”

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