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Provincial Money For Abbotsford Buy Local Program and Companies

Fraser Valley – Home to an abundance of locally owned and operated agrifood businesses, British Columbians are treated to diverse, local flavours all year round in Abbotsford. The community produces a delicious array of innovative products for everyone to enjoy.

The provincial government’s Buy Local Program is providing up to $83,400 of funding combined to two local companies in Abbotsford. The program is enabling B.C. farmers, fishers and producers to expand their business and reach larger audiences to increase sales through marketing and advertising campaigns.

Grown, processed and packaged locally in Abbotsford, Snowcrest Foods distributes frozen fruits and berries throughout the province, offering British Columbians the freshest flavours of produce. The company is promoting their new BOOM! Smoothie Fast Pack product to help save time when making healthy smoothies. The product is a mix of frozen fruit and vegetables, loaded with protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, created for the whole family to enjoy.

Taves Family Farm Applebarn grows apples and produces cold-pressed and pasteurized cider and other specialty products. The farm is a popular destination for apple u-pick, offering several varieties of fresh local apples from the Fraser Valley and the signature Jonagold. Visitors are encouraged to hang out at the Applebarn and enjoy the beautiful landscape in Abbotsford. As a family owned and operated local business, Taves Family Farm believes in local farm to fork – giving families in B.C. the freshest flavours right from their own backyard.

The Buy Local program has received $8 million in B.C. government funding since 2012 to increase sales of locally grown and processed agrifood and seafood products within the province.

The B.C. government’s Agrifood and Seafood Strategic Growth Plan supports the building of domestic markets and maintaining a secure food supply. The plan is a component of the BC Jobs Plan, and the roadmap to leading the agrifoods sector to becoming a $15-billion-a-year industry by 2020.

The provincial government’s Buy Local program is administered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia. Applications are available at:

Darryl Plecas, Abbotsford-South MLA –

“Local companies are growing and producing diverse and high-quality products for British Columbians to enjoy. These local producers create local jobs and allow our community’s hard earned dollars to stay within our local economy. Thanks to the Buy Local funding program, more and more local businesses are being recognized for their individual and creative products that that are unique and fresh.”

Simon Gibson, Abbotsford-Mission MLA –

“The Buy Local program extends beyond just promoting local agrifood and seafood, it’s about supporting community hubs like Taves Family Farm where families can bond and create memories. The funding received from the program will help the organizations grow and develop, as well as help ensure that local foods remain a staple for British Columbians.

Michael de Jong, Abbotsford-West MLA –

“A healthy lifestyle begins with having fresh, local food options available. The funding that we’re providing to local producers encourages a secure food supply for B.C., ensures the producers are able to promote their products, and allows them to remain competitive.”

Mary Ellen Baerg, general manager, Snowcrest Foods Ltd. –

“From the freshest flavours of berries to our healthy smoothie mixes, Snowcrest Foods is delivering British Columbians products that are great for the whole family. Thanks to the funding from the Buy Local program, we are able to promote the health benefits and convenience of our new BOOM! Smoothies Fast Packs.”

Loren Taves, owner, Taves Family Farm Applebarn –

“The Buy Local funding has helped us to promote our farm-fresh products to markets we couldn’t normally reach due to limited resources. We have seen how our customers respond to our products and it gives us great joy to see them enjoy these foods year-round.”

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Find out more about Snowcrest Foods BOOM! Smoothie Fast Packs at:

Learn more about Taves Family Farm Applebarn:

B.C. Buy Local program:

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