Fraser Valley – This is where we tip our hats in the annual tribute to EMS, Fire, Police and Paramedic services. Dispatchers have the task of making sure emergency services arrive when you need them.

Then there are the annual dumb calls. People who call 911, totally unclear of the concept of what 911 is set up to do.

Yes, these were real calls and requests:

2016 top reasons to not call 9-1-1:

1. Requesting help opening a broken gym locker

2. Inquiring about job opportunities for a family member interested in police work

3. Because an electric shaver would not turn off

4. Requesting a ladder to get a soccer ball off the roof

5. How best to get a drone down from a tree

6. Tired of waiting in traffic

7. “There’s a big spider in the bathroom”

8. Complaining they couldn’t get into a nightclub

9. Because their teenager refused to do chores

10. “Can you tell me what time it is?”

To learn more about when to call 911. visit

On December 30, Scan BC tweeted two facepalm style tweets that they overheard:

Police responded to a house for a break & enter. Caller reported hearing noises upstairs. Turned out to be Roomba cleaning.

Police are responding to a residence for a drunk male who keeps calling 911 and singing Elvis Songs.

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