Agassiz/Harrison – Monday night was a flurry of work for Kent Harrison Search and Rescue.

An autopsy from the BC Coroner is pending after a 21-year-old Langley man was found dead in a canyon near Chehalis Lake.

The three-day-long search of the Chehalis area began at about 10:45 p.m. on Canada Day (Friday, July 1), after Agassiz RCMP and Kent Harrison Search and Rescue learned a camper had gone missing.

The story starts some 12 kms away from the campsite when the car broke down. The man was with a group of family and friends, near  the Chehalis Forestry Service Road.

Kent Harrison Search and Rescue initially searched nearby campsites and the forestry road overnight, to no avail.

Two other campers were also stranded in rough terrain in their own search.

It seems that all involved were not prepared for the terrain.

Insult to injury, while the volunteers were out on this rescue,a search boat was stolen from the team’s headquarters in Agassiz.

This was sometime between 9 p.m. Sunday and 7 a.m. Monday.

The 12-foot rescue boat was strapped to a trailer and secured behind a locked gate.

The boat and trailer were both stolen.

Both items were recovered later that day, but without the boat’s motor.

Anyone with any details is asked to call Agassiz RCMP at 604-796-2211.

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