Addiction, A Mother’s Story – June Ariano-Jakes

The story of authors son’s descent into addiction and where it took them. I review a lot of books on addiction and I have to say, this is one of the most honest and amazing accounts of addiction and the destruction it wreaks on families and loved ones. It also shows the lengths we who have loved ones with addiction, will go to in order to “save” them.

June Ariano-Jakes is the mother of five adult children and the grandmother of five. She spent thousands of nights poring over material in the search for answers to help her son battle what would become a twenty-three-year heroin and cocaine addiction. This is her story. An inspiring read!


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  1. My most sincere thanks Don for your thoughtful book review of my Second Edition of Addiction: A Mother’s Story. As a society we have to change the way addiction has been treated. The status quo does not work. It never has and it never will. We have to treat those addicted with treatment, not punishment. We are at a crisis level where drug use is destroying the lives of millions of good people who have sadly fallen to the disease of addiction. Our homes, our towns and cities, our province and country are reeling at the fall-out of this un-forgiving disease. The destroyed lives, the devastated families, the taxed healthcare system, the overflowing corrections system, the never-ending brutal and horrific violence at the hand of the gangs involved in the drug trade and the danger that overflows onto our streets. Addiction: A Mother’s Story – Second Edition, is the story of addiction through my eyes, the Mother of a son who battled hard-core addiction for 23 years. I could not be more proud of my son, who pulled himself out of the bowels of his addiction that had “held him hostage” for 23 years. Thank you Don for taking the time to read Addiction: A Mother’s Story – Second Edition. Very sincerely, June Ariano-Jakes

    1. Hi June, I also do PM News for Pulse FM in Surrey and that is where we met, although you were busy on the Kash Heed Show. I myself have been in recovery for two decades now, obviously the story touches me. Please stay in touch with FVN through . Our Sales Manager is also in recovery and does the book reviews. She was moved.

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