Chilliwack – A Chilliwack woman was horrified and shocked that someone could be so cruel to her four dogs.

She discovered pieces of cooked meat with shards of razor blades hidden inside that were placed in her yard.

Her four Pomeranian dogs found them and that’s when the ordeal started.

Christine Desjardins says she rushed Furby, Lucy, Buddy and Fuzzball to the vet earlier this week after realizing all of them chowed down on the meat.

Her neighbour alleges thumb tacks and razor blades have been tossed into her yard three times.

She along with the SPCA say there’s no guarantee the 11- and 12-year-old pets will make a full recovery from major surgery to remove the metal shards.

The dogs are active and recuperating, which is a good sign, although all four animals remain under 24-hour care.

Chilliwack RCMP and the SPCA are investigating the incident at the Chilliwack River Estate Trailer Park.

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