Chilliwack – Below is the schedule for the Valley Huskers Spring Camp. We have a great 3 days scheduled for everyone, including the player draft on Saturday, an amazing team fun night (Saturday) and the Green and White game on Sunday.

See the camp’s main info page if you haven’t yet registered.

Friday, May 13th
3:00-5:00pm-Players arrive (registration, hotel check-in)
5:00-5:45pm-Take players to the stadium after check in
5:00-5:45pm-light meal laid out for the players at the clubhouse
6:00-6:30pm-Full Team meeting (intro the coaches)
6:45-7:15pm-Offensive and defensive meetings
10:00pm-Return to the hotel

Saturday, May 14th 
6:30-8:30am-Breakfast for players and coaches at the hotel
7:00-8:30am-Take players to the stadium
9:00-9:30am-Special Teams meeting
9:30-10:00am-Offensive and defensive meetings
10:30-12:45pm-Practice #1
1:30-2:30pm-Lunch (Player draft for Green and White Game)
2:30-3:15pm-Post Green and White teams for players
3:30-4:00pm-Green and White team meetings
4:30-6:45pm-Practice #2 for each team
7:30-9:30pm-Barbecue and team event
9:30-10:00pm-Players return to the hotel

Sunday, May 15th 
6:00-8:00am-Breakfast for the players and coaches at the hotel
8:00-8:30am-Players checkout of the hotel and go to the stadium
9:00-9:30am-Team Meetings for each team
9:30-10:00am-Walk through for each team
11:30-1:30pm-Green and White Game
2:00-3:00-Players dismissed (transportation to the airport)

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