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Chilliwack School Trustees Vote For First Pay Raise In Seven Years

Chilliwack – The old criticism over politicians granting themselves pay hikes is always a controversial move….and sometime that backfires.

School Board trustees are in a slightly different situation. They take a lot of crap from parents and politicians and sometimes, it’s a job that really no one wants to do, but must be done.

To a man (and women) the Chlliwack School Trustees felt uncomfortable voting for a pay hike, but to be fair, its a touch job with no glamour. The first real hike in 7 years.

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Those of us in the media have taken our shots at them as well. School Board Meetings in the past, have been criticized as watching young children bicker with no clue of Roberts Rules Of Order.

Trustee Chair Sylvia Dyck notes that it really is a privilege and honor to serve the community on the Board.

The pay raise really isn’t much. Basically it works out to a dollar a day.

Low pay for a high stress job?

Currently Dyck makes $19,800.

Vice Chair Dan Coulter pulls in $18,900.

Everyone else on the board makes $18,000.

When you think about it, that’s not much cash for all the abuse they receive.


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