Hope/Abbotsford/Chilliwack –  Two Abbotsford men were taken into custody as Chilliwack RCMP and Abbotsford Police Department investigate the theft of property and weapons.

The investigation was initiated on December 29, 2015 when the RCMP Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) in Chilliwack received information from the Abbotsford Police Department Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) of a black Dodge pickup truck associated to an Abbotsford CRU investigation of a break and enter committed over Christmas. Police in Abbotsford believed the suspect vehicle was travelling in the Upper Fraser Valley region.

In the early afternoon of the 29th the suspect truck was in Hope under the surveillance of Chilliwack CRU, who waited for the opportunity to safely stop the vehicle and apprehend the occupants. The opportunity presented itself when the pickup was parked in front of a local business where police arrested the driver and passenger without incident. A handgun, ammunition, and compound bow were seized by police during a search of the suspect truck. As officers gathered evidence from the truck they determined there was a link between the break and enter and a residence in the 19800 block of Peters Road in Hope.

The Peters Road (Hope) address was quickly cordoned by the Abbotsford Emergency Response Team and supported by the Lower Mainland District Emergency Response Team a Criminal Code search warrant was executed later that evening by the Abbotsford CRU.

“The address on Peters Road has been the target of a joint Hope RCMP General Investigation Section (GIS), Chilliwack RCMP CRU and Abbotsford Police Department CRU investigation into property crime committed from across the Fraser Valley over the past few months,” said Cpl. Brock Rayworth of Chilliwack CRU.

Officers of the Chilliwack CRU and Hope GIS continue to pursue investigational avenues connecting the Peters Road address to other property thefts committed throughout the region.

If you have any information and you wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 FREE (TIPS).

7 thoughts on “Abby/CHWK/Hope RCMP – Peters Road Home Searched For Alleged Stolen Property”
  1. my house was broken into oct 1 of 2o15 they stole all my gold and silver vintage jewellery, i would like to know how do i contact the police to find out if it is any of my stuff?

  2. My sons motorcycle was stolen from his home in Silver Creek. He has registered the theft with the Hope RCMP. If it is recovered does he have to contact the RCMP or will they call him ?

  3. Steve, get off the pipe bud…
    If you could read the post, you’d see that it’s specified at the top of the fourth paragraph.

    1. The post said Peters Road when in fact it was Peter St. I was simply trying to clarify. Not quite sure how you came to the assumption that I was high. Perhaps the old adage of it takes one… rings true here.

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