Chilliwack, BC – Bye Bye and Good Riddance Old Chilliwack Safeway, you have been an eyesore for far too long!

On Monday morning, the demolition of the old Safeway building off Princess and Main Street began in earnest. But that doesn’t mean an instant change to the downtown landscape.

Far from it.

Even though last week, the City of Chilliwack re-zoned the property for a combination of apartments, condos and ground floor businesses, no one has stepped up to the plate (publicly) to buy the property from the owners, Sobey’s.

Yes the re-zoning is part of the grand scheme to kick start the downtown core, it will take years for any revitalization , let alone confidence that the older part of Chilliwack can be renewed with vigor a la the old downtown potion of a similar sized city – Bellingham, Washington.

Remember this property sat empty for over a decade.

The value of the block is pegged at $3.2 Million.


One thought on “Bye Bye and Good Riddance Old Chilliwack Safeway”
  1. My rant….Revitalization takes work and hard work to achieve. Our council needs to step it up and actively seek out investors making Chilliwack a place to land. So far they have not achieved this. The word Revitalization has been thrown around like last years stale chips for goodness sake. Each new BIA group has such grand ideas and sadly little to show. There is no cohesiveness to the store fronts, although the City felt it needed to dictate to one clothing store in the color of the building. Really. Now there is an empty Red and Yellow store front there not being used. Another empty building. Yes they have torn down and purchased some land in the downtown core. That is great…give it a wee make over now so people are comfortable to walk down there come the Christmas Season. Get a theme if that is what it takes. Step it up Chilliwack

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