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Fraser Health Rolls Out Flu Shots – You Roll Up Your Sleeve

Fraser Valley – Running nose, runny eyes, running to the bathroom.

Ahhh yes, the annual flu season.

And time to run towards another flu shot.

Once again, the call is put out as to where you can get your shot in the arm. Fraser Health spokesperson Dr. Michelle Murti told FVN that GP’s (General Practitioners) have been receiving their first batch of flu shots (that started October 19) and that their own clinics for patients are ramping up over the next week. They receive batches of the shots on a rolling basis, so there could be a delay depending on who is your family doctor and how busy they are.

Immunize BC has a complete list of public drop in’s where you just show up and roll up your sleeve. Those clinics for the most part, start Monday October 26.

Dr. Murti notes there are no major prerequisites as to conditions that may prevent a flu shot. But let common sense prevail.

If you have a compromised system or chronic condition ie: heart problems, diabetes, then a flu shot is a good idea.

Kids 5+, Seniors over 65 and pregnant women should also consider a flu shot.

Now the nose spray (for kids, age 2-17 ,who really, really hate needles) won’t be available until Halloween, October 31 (Yes, we get the irony!).

Dr. Murti also noted that flu season started a little early this year and the symptoms were showing up in care facilities where seniors already deal with compromised immune systems.

As for last year’s controversy and for some, a PR controversy, will this flu shot be effective?

Dr. Murti admits that ALL flu shots are a calculated complication of factors, so yes, the criticism of a crap shoot is humorous, but not quite accurate. Last year’s estimate of the H3N2 strain was not quite on the mark, but to nail the strain down each and every year is practically impossible due to so many variables.

The bottom line, flu shots are free, so get one. You really don’t want to be the one to bring the yukkies to anyone else at home or at work. Yes, we called the flu, the Yukkies…


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