Fraser Valley – From Teapot Hill to Island 22 to the backwoods of Mission, it’s the annual foraging for bears to fatten up before they finally bed down for the winter slumber.

The problem is, we humans usually make contact.

Sadly, two bears were killed in Port Coquitlam and conservation officers are out warning people to be aware of the bear.

Sgt Todd Hunter has to repeat the age-old adage – do not leave food out. “Keep bird feeders out of reach and make sure your garbage is bear-proof.”

He says the last thing they want to do is kill a bear. “All of us CO’s do not like having to do it, but we have to weigh public safety. That is the most important thing, so if that is at risk we sometimes have to make the decision to remove that bear indefinitely from the population.”

For more information, Wildsafe BC can be found here.

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