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PM Harper Visits A “Safe” Riding – Abbotsford

Abbotsford, BC  (News1130) – Prime Minister Leader Stephen Harper tells hundreds of supporters “Canada is an island of stability” at an election campaign rally at a windows manufacturing plant in Abbotsford.

His speech in the historically Tory strong riding resembled remarks made at a campaign rally in Richmond weeks ago.

Harper says he wants to “stay the course” highlighting how his government will continue with job creation, trade deals, and keeping a strong economy.

“Through it all, through the ups and downs, this country has kept moving forward in a troubled world.”

And he also pointed out he would do the opposite of what he believes his opponents would do.

“I can summarize it in three words, spend more money, that’s all it comes down to, and pay for it by raising taxes and running permanent deficits, that’s all there is to their platform.”

He blasted the NDP’s historical political record in BC and took jabs at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for what he feels is a lack of experience.

Like the event in Richmond earlier in the campaign, Harper didn’t take any questions from the media.

Values of some Fraser Valley Tory faithful

Supporters at the rally say they care about everything from a balanced budget, increased national and international security, and tough crime laws.

“For me at this stage in my life right now would be just about families and being able to work part-time and keep my kids at home and have that support of lower taxes,” says one mother.

“Bill C-42 because to give the rights back to some gun owners. We’ve had too many things stripped away since bill C-68,” says a local hunter.

“A hardline on drugs; I mean you can’t have a country run by people who don’t care about themselves,” says one woman opposed to safe-injection sites and the legalization of marijuana.

Protestors tried to get noticed outside of rally

A handful of protestors were there to, as they put it “bid farewell to Harper.” They held up signs saying things like “Straight Outta Office” and “Stop Harper.”

Brittany says she came out because she’s worried about the Trans Mountain pipeline project going ahead as well as to say goodbye to the three term leader.

“We’re just not happy with his environmental track record in general it seems that he’s more concerned with foreign interest and big money, corporate interest and putting them first rather than looking out for the future of this country and our kids.”

Although she says she may feel a little intimated by the majority of conservative voters in the riding, that’s not stopping her from getting her message across.

John a local corrections officer says he’s fed up with the government not doing anything to protect workers like him on the job.

“I work at a maximum security institution and we’ve seen staff assaults upon staff assaults and it’s getting worse not any better.”

He also feels the leader has muzzled unions.

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