Fraser Valley –  FVN Fraser Valley News will highlight all the Federal Candidates covering the three riding’s that make up the Fraser Valley.

We ask all candidates to submit their bios and reasons for running. The editor retains the right to edit for brevity and content.

Dennis Adamson – NDP –  Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon

Dennis Adamson is the director for Electoral Area B in the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD).

I first became involved with the NDP in 1975 when one of my high school friends’ father was running for a seat in Barrie, Ontario. Although we didn’t win, we gave it a great try. In 1988, I was living in Toronto on Danforth Avenue and I knocked door to door with Jack Layton and other NDP members against Brian Mulroney’s Free Trade.

I never thought that I would ever become a politician, but because some neighbors had been asking me for over a year to run for local government so I listened and had the honour of being elected to the Fraser Valley Regional District in 2008. Since being elected, I have taken my duty seriously and have served the taxpayers to the best of my ability to increase services while decreasing taxes every year for the last 7 years. The taxpayers have repaid my efforts by re-electing me for the third time, and in the 2014 election I had the honour of being acclaimed to position.

I believe that the NDP can win the new Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon riding but every member has to do his/her part. Together, we can win this riding for the NDP–a government FOR THE PEOPLE.

One thought on “The Fraser Valley Federal Candidates – Dennis Adamson– NDP – Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon”
  1. Not one NDP sign has been erected in Harrison Hot Springs and with six weeks to go it makes one wonder if Dennis is really interested in this small community. My NDP interest is wondering.

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