Abbotsford, BC  (Star FM) – Resources are stretched thin at the Abbotsford Salvation Army, and they’re in dire need of more donations.

Public relations director Deb Lowell says demand for meals has skyrocketed, going from 7000 meals per month last year to 11 000.

She says while core services are still in place, they’ve had to cut a few areas.

“Things that we have offered in the past including pickup of your larger items that you want to donate to the thrift store. We’ve had to cut that service for the time being. But we are trying to be as frugal as possible in terms of how we operate so that can continue to offer the vital services and programs in our community.”

Lowell says it’s not just the homeless that need help, tough economic times and the number of stores and businesses that have closed up in recent months mean a lot of families are struggling.

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