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Sto:lo Nation Issues Health Alert

Chilliwack, BC – Sto:lo Nation has issued a HEALTH ALERT:


Sto:lo Nation health is advising everyone to take note of the health warnings regarding the heat and poor air quality at this time. There are currently 178 wild fires burning in BC and there is a provincial fire ban in effect.

WILDFIRE SMOKE HEALTH INFORMATION:…/early-season-wildfire-smoke-health-inf…

Some people are considered to be more sensitive to smoke. These include people with existing heart or lung conditions, infants and young children, the Elderly, pregnant women, or those requiring special care and supportive care.

There are some actions you can take to reduce health effects of smoke in the air:

• Use common sense regarding outdoor physical activity – if your breathing becomes difficult or uncomfortable, stop or reduce the activity, or go inside. If outdoor trips in smoky areas are necessary, breathe through a damp cloth to help filter out particles.

• Staying indoors may help you stay cool and provide some relief from the smoke. Close windows and blinds and move to the coolest room in the house. Also, keep the body cool and hydrated: take cool showers or baths and drink plenty of fluids – avoid drinks with sugar or alcohol.

• Keep particle levels inside lower by not using anything that burns, such as wood stoves or even candles. Don’t smoke – this puts even more stress on your lungs.

• Use a portable HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration unit or electrostatic precipitator if available. Buildings with central air systems may also provide relief.

• When driving your car, keep your windows and vents closed. Air conditioning should only be operated in the “recirculate” setting.

See link below OR attachment for more information:…/early-season-wildfire-smoke-health-inf…

Please use your best judgement.

Let’s work to protect the health of ourselves and our families by making sound health decisions and prevent fires.


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