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Yes, Super Dave Has Been Cleared To Fly/Practice

Chilliwack, BC – If you were wondering if, since Wednesday, that Super Dave was flying and practicing above the Wack, YES, he has received a permit.

The rules for a temporary fly permit can be found here.

Posted on the Facebook page “Chilliwackers For Super Dave Mathieson”, Cameron Rogers received information from Transport Canada, who initially grounded Super Dave after noise and safety complaints were filed:

“In response to a letter supporting Super Dave to Transport Canada I got the following response”:

Hello Cameron,

Thank you for contacting Transport Canada regarding aerobatics at the Chilliwack Airport. I would like to provide you with the following information.

SuperDave Airshows was issued a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for practicing aerobatics. We cannot disclose the specifics of Special Flight Operations Certificates in accordance with Canada’s information protection laws. It is the responsibility of the SFOC holder to meet the conditions detailed in their certificate.

In Canada, Special Flight Operations Certificates are issued by Transport Canada for a variety of different aviation activities. SFOCs are issued pursuant to the applicable regulations and regulatory standards.

• Special Flight Operations Certificates for aerobatics list conditions specific to the proposed use, such as maximum altitudes, minimum distances from people and property, operating areas, and coordination requirements with air traffic services.…/general-recavi-instructions-aerobati…

• Special Flight Operations Certificate applications for airshows include spectator safety distances, pilot eligibility requirements and emergency response that are to be met safely by the airshow organizers. The Special Flight Operations Certificate requirements are listed here:…/r…/cars/part6-standards-623d1-2449.htm

An aerobatic SFOC is not issued for the purpose of performing an air show, rather for the purpose of practicing and can be used anywhere in Canada subject to the specified conditions listed in the SFOC and applicable Canadian Aviation Regulations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your views, as all comments are appreciated. If you have any questions please let us know by sending an email to:

Jeffrey Ellis

Regional Manager, Civil Aviation Secretariat
Transport Canada | Government of Canada

Gestionnaire régional, Secrétariat de l’aviation civile
Transports Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
Cameron Rogers Original Message to Transport Canada
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 12:19 AM
To: Transport Canada web feedback / rétroaction web Transports Canada (TC/TC)
Subject: Grounding of Super Dave in Chilliwack

Comments: I am very concerned that Transport Canada is stopping Chilliwack stunt man Super Dave from practicing in Chilliwack. Airports are for airplanes and Super Dave is a valued member of our community with an airplane. The decision to ground appears to be based on 17 form letters but in just 4 days over 2000 people have now signed a counter petition to keep him flying.
Cameron Rogers

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