ICBC COVID-19 Rebate Cheques Being (Slowly) Mailed Out

Burnaby – ICBC has begun mailing COVID-19 rebate cheques in small batches directly to eligible customers and continues to work on options to send out more cheques in the coming weeks.

The distribution originally scheduled to begin March 15 was delayed due to a cyber​​attack on a third-party vendor contracted by ICBC to print and distribute them.

From their March 26 media release: The safety and security of customers’ information remains our top priority. There remains no indication that any information was obtained by unauthorized parties. The event did not impact ICBC’s systems, which are secure.

The investigation in Ontario is ongoing. ICBC expects to provide an update soon on whether they will be able to proceed with the original plan to have the vendor issue the cheques.

As of Friday morning, the first batch of COVID-19 rebate cheques has been issued to approximately 30,000 customers.

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