Update on Cultus Lake Main Bean Parking Lot and Re-Planting Trees

2021 Cultus Lake Parking Lot B

Cultus Lake – Cultus Lake Park took to social media this week for an update on the re-planting of trees and the re-opening of Parking Lot “B”.

Main Beach Green Space Enhancement

Cultus Lake Park welcomes the planting of 140 new tree varieties to the Main Beach green space areas. In addition, the Board will also highlight these areas with an assortment of over 800 understory plants which make an important contribution to an ecosystem stability to the Park. Understory plants drive soil quality and nutrient availability, influence the species composition of the tree canopy, and provide habitat and food for wildlife.

Cultus Lake Park wishes to thank the volunteer members of the Environmental and Public Areas Planning Committee for several years of continued dedication and hard work to bring this to fruition and to restore many areas at Main Beach.Although no alterations to the original parking plan were made, the committee has been working on clearing the west side grassed area to allow for further landscaping to bring a fresh new look to the Park.

Main Beach Parking Lot is expected to be completed for the May long weekend.

2021 Cultus Lake Parking Lot B
2021 Cultus Lake Parking Lot B
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Cultus Lake Park

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