UPDATE – Province and Heritage BC Announce Results of Largest Heritage Infrastructure Funding – REACTION from Heritage Abbotsford In Receiving $162.5K

Heritage BC

Vancouver/Fraser Valley – Heritage BC joins the Province of British Columbia in announcing the results of the single largest funding program to support B.C.’s unique heritage infrastructure. This announcement is part of BC’s $10 billion COVID response, which includes the StrongerBC for Everyone recovery plan — a plan that protects people’s health and livelihoods while supporting businesses and communities — and the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP).

FVN has reached out to Heritage Chilliwack and Heritage Abbotsford for comment.

From Christina Reid, Executive Director Heritage Abbotsford. They received $162,500 from this grant: Abbotsford’s own Heritage Abbotsford Society has now been awarded a large grant for financial assistance to support for their Applied Heritage Preservation Project. ‘We could not be more excited about this opportunity,’says Christina Reid, Heritage Abbotsford’s Executive Director. ‘This funding will allow us to literally and figuratively“build community” by leading the charge in creating a holistic plan for built heritage, and encouraging rehabilitation and restoration of heritage assets’.

Heritage Abbotsford Society’s Mission is to collect, record, preserve and share the stories ofAbbotsford. Since its founding in the late 1960’s, the Society(previously the MSA Museum Society)has identified, reviewed and recorded a number of older buildings in need of both restoration and protection. For this project, the Society will partner with the University of the Fraser Valley, the Abbotsford School District, and the City of Abbotsford,to teach university and high school students how to preserve built heritage.

“We plan on using three specific heritage assets,which are in need of stabilization and preservation as “labs,” ‘says Reid. ‘We are going to use these buildings to instruct in applied heritage preservation.

“We could not be happier to have this recognition and support from the Province,” says Paul Gravett, executive director of Heritage BC. “Through this funding program, the Province not only provided the largest one-time infusion of funds into the heritage sector, but it also recognized the importance and potential of heritage infrastructure and its place in our province’s economic picture.”

The Province of B.C. allocated $16M to the Unique Heritage Infrastructure stream of the CERIP program and appointed Heritage BC as the program delivery partner. First People’s Cultural Council was the program delivery partner for an additional $4M in funding.

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