AbbyPD and Air 1 Rescue Hiker on Sumas Mountain

Abbotsford – Late Saturday afternoon (@5PM) Abbotsford Patrol Shift 2 officers & Air 1 Helicopter were called to Sumas Mountain in response to an emergency call to E-COMM 9-1-1 from a lost hiker.

The hiker found themselves will low cellular battery and stranded in Sumas Mountain Regional Park after losing daylight. As the Air 1 helicopter responded to the area, night vision goggles were utilized, and officers were able to spot the hiker’s cell phone light from approximately 10 km away.

The hiker’s GPS was acquired, and the coordinates were sent to the AbbyPD Patrol and Emergency Response Team officers. As the helicopter arrived at Sumas Mountain, the hiker’s cellular phone battery died. The hiker was in a challenging hiking area, with no road access.

The helicopter was able to find a clearing to land and the Tactical Flight Officer hiked in the darkness to the hiker’s location. The office located and safely brought the cold and hungry hiker back to the helicopter where they were able to provide the hiker warmth and support.

The AbbyPD side-by-side gator met the helicopter and transported the hiker back to safety.

The Air 1 helicopter’s Tactical Flight Officer, Cst Shane Wiens, stated, “The cell phone’s light was a beacon of hope for this hiker in such darkness in the wilderness. Please make sure you are prepared with clothing for the climate, food and a flashlight with spare batteries.” Search Manager, Lee Holeczek, Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue Society reminds outdoor enthusiasts, “If you are heading out to the back country please remember the 3 T’s: – Trip plan – tell someone responsible where you are going and when you are expected to come back. – Training – ensure you have the proper training for the outdoor activity you are doing. – Take the essentials- make sure you take the 10 essentials minimum when heading to the backcountry.

For a list of the 10 essentials please visit

Abby PD/Air 1
Abby PD/Air 1

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