Chilliwack Anavets 305 Can Still Have Music – For Now

Chilliwack – After a performance last Saturday at Anavets 305 featuring Stan Giles and Don Addley, it was thought that show would be the last for some time.

All due to COVID restrictions.

Anna Marie Dolan President of Anavets 305 posted to the Facebook page that, so far, music is still there, but social distancing protocol remains.

Last Saturday we were under the impression that we have to cancel all events including music. On Tuesday we found out from BC Health and BC Command that we are allowed music. We are closely following all updates to keep all our members informed and safe.

Josee Potvin, moderator of the Anavets 305 Facebook page further explained when it comes to “meat draws”(which are cancelled) and regular openings: “It’s background music by entertainers.We are following every protocol ….all rules and regulations…. ..we will comply”

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