Military Training Exercises Around Cultus Lake

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Cultus Lake (From Taryn Dixon) – If you are wondering what the military commotion around Cultus Lake is all about, here’s some info about Military Training going on for the next few days in and around the area.

It’s a planned activity by unit, 39 Combat Engineer Regiment (39 CER), which will take place on Cultus Lake from November 18 to 22 ,in the vicinity of Maple Bay, Jade Bay and the Columbia Valley Military Training Area in vicinity of Lindell.

The training activity, Exercise Ribbon Rafter, focusses on developing the skills required to aid local populations and governments in the event of a natural disaster as well as some training in amphibious operations.

Equipment will be staged and operated from the Maple Bay and Jade Bay boat launches in Cultus Lake Provincial Park and teams of engineers will launch and operate rafts between these two sites, trafficking personnel across the lake.

Personnel will be housed in a tented camp in the Columbia Valley on military property. Please note that soldiers will be carrying rubber training rifles throughout the exercise.

The barrels and bodies of these replica weapons will be thoroughly marked with red tape so as to distinguish them from actual weapons.

This is in accordance with BC Parks’ policy that only brightly coloured replica weapons are to be used on their property.

Training will be conducted in adherence to all federal and provincial COVID-19 guidelines and direction.

While the exercise at large will employ up to 120 people, they will be working in cohorts of no more than 40 and these cohorts will not be mixed during training. All members will wear masks throughout training, adequate hand-washing facilities will be provided, and all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before, during and after training.

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