Harrison Lagoon Fountain – So Far So Good

Courtesy Maggie May/Facebook, Michie Vidal

Harrison Hot Springs – NOVEMBER 15, 2020 UPDATE – Back in September, after a heated council meeting over what to do with the Harrison Lagoon Project, the idea of boardwalks and other parts of the master plan presented to the public, was scaled back.

The boardwalk idea was scrapped last November after public consultation.

$109K later and the project is in part, done.

FVN took recent pictures of the new fountain, built in the off season so it would not affect summer tourism traffic. The plan continues to be, place some type of lighting system to pretty things up, in time for the holidays.

The fountain is part of the overall aeration project. The lagoon has long been the brunt of many jokes over e-coli, goose poop and summer shut downs for swimming safety. This, on paper, should eliminate those challenges.

The fountain is not expected to be run throughout the night which will save money for the Village.

Councilor Michie Vidal told FVN: Public consultation on the developed Lagoon Master Plan showed the majority of residents who participated favored the idea of a fountain in the Lagoon. It is an added feature that will help with aeration and water circulation. (As to be expected) there were some negative and positive comments. It was funded through RMI funds (Province of BC Resort Municipality Initiative funding program). The $1000/month for referenced is the high estimate for hydro if the Village ran it 24/7. Maintenance costs will be covered by the Village. Maintenance of the beach area is covered by our pay parking program and I count the fountain as part of our beach maintenance.

Michie Vidal/Maggie May.

OCTOBER 20, 2019 ORIGINAL STORY – The Resort Municipality of Harrison Hot Springs recently held an open house on proposals to upgrade the lagoon and boat launch parking.

While a number of people attended the October 18 open house, there is still plenty of time for residents to have their day on the Lagoon Master Plan.

That plan is available on the Village website and can be found here. There is an online survey.

Draft Lagoon Area Master Plan

Comments are welcome and can be forwarded to the Village Office at info@harrisonhotsprings.ca up to October 25, 2019.

Some of the ideas include a full and partial boardwalk over the lagoon, setting up an aerator for the lagoon with lake water and/or a fountain, as well as parking amendments to the boat launch area.

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