BC NDP Get Their Majority – NDP’s Coulter Wins Chilliwack, Chilliwack-Kent and Other Valley Ridings – Too Close To Call – (chillTV VIDEO Re-Cap)

Fraser Valley/Victoria – For the first time in BC Political History, an NDP government has won a re-election.

Premier John Horgan goes back to Victoria with a majority. As of 11PM Saturday night, the NDP were leading or elected in 55 ridings, the Liberals with 29 seats and the Greens with 3. The greens needed two seats to retain official party status.

Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson did not officially make a concession speech although looking pale and withdrawn thanked his supporters and volunteers.

NDP’s Dan Coulter, Chilliwack’s School Board Chair upends Liberal John Martin and stops the Liberal stronghold on the riding.

Chilliwack-Kent is not so cut and dried. Kelli Paddon of the NDP and former Liberal now Independent Laurie Throness were in a dead heat with another indie, Jason Lum, making a strong showing. The 700 thousand + mail in ballots will play a roll in the final tally. But that won’t happen until November 13.

Elections BC Results as of October 24, 2020 11:45 p.m.

 Josue AndersonIndependent2051.72%
 Andrew CoombesLibertarian1441.21%
Tim CooperBC Green Party1,29410.86%
Dan CoulterBC NDP4,57538.39%
Diane JanzenConservative2,18918.37%
John MartinBC Liberal Party3,51129.46%
81 of 82 ballot boxes reported11,918100%
 Eli GagnéLibertarian2391.53%
 Jeff HammersmarkBC Green Party1,3268.49%
Jason LumIndependent3,84224.61%
Kelli PaddonBC NDP5,19933.31%
Laurie ThronessBC Liberal Party5,00432.06%
88 of 89 ballot boxes reported15,610100%
Electoral DistrictCandidate’s Ballot NameAffiliationTotal Valid Votes% of Popular Vote
 Aeriol AlderkingChristian Heritage Party of B.C.4872.84%
 Pam AlexisBC NDP6,60538.50%
Stephen FowlerBC Green Party1,78410.40%
Simon GibsonBC Liberal Party6,71139.12%
Trevor HamiltonConservative1,5709.15%
97 of 98 ballot boxes reported17,157100%
Abbotsford South
 Bruce BanmanBC Liberal Party5,85246.40%
 Aird FlavelleBC Green Party1,44811.48%
Inder JohalBC NDP4,16733.04%
Laura-Lynn ThompsonChristian Heritage Party of B.C.1,1449.07%
72 of 101 ballot boxes reported12,611100%
Abbotsford West
 Michael de JongBC Liberal Party6,43647.24%
 Kevin EastwoodBC Green Party1,0787.91%
Sukhi GillB.C. Vision660.48%
Michael HenshallConservative1,3389.82%
Preet RaiBC NDP4,70534.54%
84 of 89 ballot boxes reported13,623100%

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