MCC Festival September 19 and 20

Fraser Valley – For the past 50 years, MCC supporters across the Lower Mainland have gathered to generously raise funds to support uprooted and vulnerable people at the MCC Festival for World Relief.

Over 790 million people do not have enough to eat.Join us this year as we raise funds to help families in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo).

This year the MCC Festival has a 6:1 match!For every dollar you donate –six dollars will go to help uprooted and vulnerable people in DR Congo.

MCC Cyclathonon Saturday, September 19th

]he MCC Festival To-Goon Sunday, September 20th at the MCC Centre

All funds raised through the Festival To-Go and Cyclathon will go towards the projects mentioned above, supporting displaced families in DR Congo.

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All MCC Photo/Matthew Lester

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