How Is TWU Preparing For Fall Classes?

Langley – We have heard about the K-12 preparations, or lack thereof, for the fall re: COVID-19.

What about post-secondary?

In a media statement from Winnie Lui, PR Director for Trinity Western University, she outlined what protocols are in place at TWU:

Ahead of the fall semester, Trinity Western University is prepared to welcome students to a Multi-Access education and a safe and healthy campus environment.

Many new facility upgrades have been completed or are well underway. Jo Jansen, TWU Executive Director of Campus Services, who is also leading several COVID-19 task force groups, provides an update.

“We are truly blessed with exceptional health care professionals at TWU who have been leading the Health and Safety Task Force commissioned by Dr. Husbands, TWU President.” Jansen says. 

“Our occupational health and safety team, as well as TWU Campus Services, are part of the same [Health and Safety] Taskforce. This has enabled us to not only deliver what Worksafe BC and the Health Authority would expect of us, but hopefully exceed expectations.”  

Jansen is confident of TWU’s health and safety preparedness. “I would encourage anyone who has any safety concerns relating to our facilities to reach out to me directly and I’d be happy to address any issues. Our preparedness will continue to adapt to any new BC government guidance.”

TWU Facilities Upgrades for COVID-19


·         Classroom safety and capacity reviews have been completed for Langley and two Richmond campuses. Building safety plans completed.


·         Buildings will undergo daily deep cleaning by custodians and high-touch surfaces will be sanitized regularly. Classrooms will be cleaned in between use by the professor or teaching assistant.

Hand sanitizing

·         We have installed multiple mobile and stationary hand sanitizing stations all throughout our campuses. We have 15 additional dispensers in stock that can be installed as needed and we have an additional 30 dispensers on order should we find we need more locations covered.


·         We have installed plexiglass for customer service and reception areas.


·         We have ordered large supplies of PPE for staff and students. The TWU Outfitters bookstore has a large supply of disposable and reusable face masks which will be sold at cost price.

·         Any employee who is required to use a mask as part of their role will have them provided at no cost to them.


·         We have completed a careful walk through inspection of all classrooms of buildings, planning the direction of foot traffic flow for hallways, entrances and exits.

·         Signage will be installed in every building promoting social distancing and traffic flow.

Social distancing

·         Community spaces such as the newly renovated Trinity Commons have custom-made large tables, and bar tables along the wall, for social distancing while studying.

Touchless sliding doors

·         We have ordered new touchless sliding doors, for our main student building (RSC). Major buildings, such as the Library and the Trinity Commons public study space, already have sliding doors in place.

Link to the full facilities plans:

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