Coldest Chilliwack Canada Day In 139 Years! + June Recap (VIDEO)

Chilliwack (Environment Canada) – Yes, Canada Day was ***** COLD! Roger Pannett with Environment Canada noted the numbers:

July 1st , 2020 coolest in over 139 years.!
Late October temperatures!

Record cool max @ 13.5C .
9.4 C below normal.
( Previous record cool max @ 14.4 C, July 1st , 1966.)

Rainfall at 18.2 mm. ( July 1st record rainfall was 50.3 mm in 1897.)


June 2020

Data recorded by Roger Pannett, Volunteer Weather Observer for Environment Canada at Chilliwack, B.C.

VariableJune 202030 Year Average
Mean Maximum20.68 °C21.0 C
Mean Minimum11.89 C10.5 C
Mean Temperature16.29 C15.8 C
Rainfall83.1 mm77.9 mm
Snowfall0.0 cm0.0 cm
Total Precipitation83.1 mm77.9 mm
Days of Rain19 days11 days
Days of Snow
Total Days of Precipitation19 days11 days
Relative humidity average71.08 %.

With a stationery low pressure trough, close to the B.C coast, the first two weeks of June were predominantly wet and cool.

On June 19th, a transient ridge of high pressure produced welcome sunny skies and peaked the temperature for the month to 28.0 ⁰C (28% relative humidity). However, this was the lowest June maximum temperature in 8 years. After the low temperature for the month of 7.2 ⁰C on June 1st, on June 20th there was a high record minimum of 16.2 ⁰C (5.9 ⁰C above normal). The previous high minimum was 15.8 C in 2018.

With reoccurring upper level low pressure troughs, generally showery conditions prevailed to months end.

Because of the mostly cloudy conditions, above normal overnight minimum temperatures contributed to mean temperatures for the month being 0.49 ⁰C above normal. It was the 8th consecutive June with above normal mean temperatures, a warming trend never previously observed since Chilliwack records commenced in 1881.

Extreme UV levels were reported on 4 days, peaking at a record 12 rating on June 22nd.

The June rainfall total at 83.1 mm was close to normal. However, with 19 rainy days it was the most since the 21 rainy days in June 2012.

On June 29th, the Fraser River at Mission flushed back up to 5.9 meters with some limited flooding in unprotected areas. Bank full is recorded as being at 5.49 meters.

The Chilliwack 2020 precipitation total to date is 845.0 mm on 111 days compared to the 30-year average of 937 mm on 91 days.

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