GoFundMe Page To Cover Funeral Of Chilliwack Homeless Homicide Victim

Chilliwack – This past Saturday night, the body of a man in his late 50’s was discovered with severe injuries in behind the downtown Chilliwack Scotiabank.

The victim, identified as 58-year-old Charles Henry Klose, had wounds indicative of homicide and IHIT was called in to investigate.

His niece, Inez Birch, has started a GoFundMe page to cover funeral and cremation costs.

From the GoFundMe page:

June-7-2020 My Uncle’s life was brutally taken from him. This here is my Uncle Charles Henry Klose 58 Years old and one of the most Gentle men you would have meet. We got the horrible news Saturday Morning that Charles’s body was found in Chilliwack in the parking lot of the Scotia Bank in down town chilliwack. The iHit team who took over the investigation on Saturday Night has informed the family that Charles (Chucky’s) death was indeed a Murder, that his life was brutally taken from him. Anyone who knew Chucky knew how gentle he was how he couldn’t even hurt a fly. Chucky would give his last dollar he would give you the shirt off his back just to help anyone out. Chucky was always that goofy bubbly old self he could turn anyone’s frowns upside down, he could make anyone laugh with his cheesy jokes and of course his very contagious laugh. He was also a amazing Man to sit down with and talk one on one he always had the best Inspiration and the most Gentle words to share. Our Family is in a complete loss there is so many questions we have and need answered, like seriously why would anyone harm such a innocent Elder???? My Uncle had a Special Needs he had Health issues which were affecting his legs and his back, he was starting to cripple bit he was a man who would NEVER give up. I will always remember how he could make anyone laugh and mostly when he would eat a ice cream cone and French fries without any teeth, how he would do that french fry into his ice cream and just gumm down on that french fry making so many people just laugh….. (I HAD TO SHARE THIS MEMORY) My Uncle need Justice to be served and our family needs answers…. I have contacted Family and we have agreed to start this GoFundMe account to help with all the Traveling costs also with the flowers and the cremation and Casket and Chucky’s Urn for his ashes. PLEASE SHARE THIS GO FUND ME PAGE TO HELP SPREAD THE INFORMATION. ALL DONATIONS ARE BEYOND PRICELESS TO OUR FAMILY ALL FUNDS WILL BE GIVEN DIRECTLY TO IMMEDIATE FAMILY AND THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN ARRANGED.

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