Seabird Island Band COVID Update – Food Hampers, Youth Program, Protect Elders

Seabird Island – On Friday May 8, the Seabird Island Band issued a COVID Update:

Good news is on the horizon for some easing of restrictions. In time for the long weekend (May 16) gatherings of six people or less will be allowed. HUGS WITH FAMILY MEMBERS! As the band moves into the next phase it is more necessary now that ever to keep your distance, wash hands often, and avoid touching your face. If you are sick at all, stay home. And most importantly, PROTECT OUR ELDERS (keep to virtual hugs for the time being).

Hampers for those on income assistance, low income families and Elders were delivered this week. Health staff worked long hours and got a physical workout to make this happen. Special thanks to Early Childhood staff who pitched in to help sort and organize. And, to Recovery Home clients who helped deliver.
Community hampers are in the works as we are ready to dip into our emergency supplies. They will be available for all homes on Seabird over the coming weeks.
Chief and Council is planning on providing gift cards, in lieu of hampers, for off reserve Band Members
The food bank continues to have food for anyone in need.
Call Erna Paul for food bank 604-819-5313

Youth program continues to actively engage youth in our community. Participation has been fantastic

– Weekly virtual challenges with prizes
– One on one check in and support
– Youth Council by Zoom

Youth mentors are back in action check out the Facebook page for one-on-one and small group (physical distancing) opportunities On the Land and culture-based. If you see larger groups out together and shoulder to shoulder you are probably seeing a family group. We are working hard to keep everyone safe.

Coming soon:
– programming targeted at the younger age group
– Bicycle project

Please call Katelyn Moon for information about Child and Youth Programs 604-819-7897.

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