Poll – Don’t Take Me Out To The Ball Game: Sports Fans Will Watch At Home, Leary To Attend

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Fraser Valley/Vancouver – As the Province starts to slowly roll out the economic recovery after the initial COVID concerns, Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s top Doctor made it clear. You won’t be going to a Lions, Whitecaps or C’s game anytime soon. Or any sports event with crowds over 50. The COVID curve may be flattening, but we are not out of the woods.

With that said..

A new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds Canadian fans itching for the return of their favourite sports, are undeterred by the possibility of watching athletes play without fans.

Indeed, among hard-core fans, approximately one-in-three say playing games in empty arenas is “great”, while more than half say it’s fine and “better than nothing”.

That doesn’t, however, mean that fans are ready to cheer on their teams in person any time soon. Asked about attending a game live next October or November, for free, only 35 per cent of the most ardent sports fans say they would go without reservation, while one-quarter say absolutely not. The rest, two-in-five (40%), say they would do some deliberating before making up their mind.

More Key Findings:

  • Canadians miss the NHL far more than any other professional sports league. Three-in-five (59%) say they are missing hockey, compared to 31 per cent who miss baseball and 28 per cent who miss basketball.
  • While Canadians are equally likely to say they would be disappointed with the cancellation of either the upcoming CFL or the NFL seasons (33% in each case), the loss of the CFL season would sting most in the Prairies, where three-in-five residents say they would be upset upon cancellation.
  • Golf generates the largest generational gap of any sport canvassed. Canadians 55 and over are twice as likely as their younger counterparts to say they miss watching the PGA (18-34 – 13%, 35-54 – 11%, 55+ – 28%).

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