Chilliwack Mustangs “Longest Pass” Video DEBUT (VIDEO)

Chilliwack – Chilliwack Minor Lacrosse/Mustangs have a fun idea. You have seen the hockey passing videos on social media media.

The Chilliwack Mustangs wanted to create the longest pass video.

It’s fair to say we are all missing lacrosse right now so the Mustangs thought it would be fun to get a stick in your hands and create a video that can be part the club’s history.

The Mustangs challenged all players of all ages to join ‘the Mustangs longest pass’ video.

Here was the deal:
– Grab your stick and get outside to record a 5-7 second video of yourself
– Have someone standing off screen pass you a white lacrosse ball from the right side of your body
– Once you catch the ball, do a trick of some sort and then pass the ball off screen to the left side of your body
– Email your video to
– They will stitch together all the videos to make one long pass. The more participants, the longer the pass.

The video was put up on the Mustangs Social Media on Thursday.

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