Chilliwack Minor Lacrosse Association Refunds Re: COVID

Chilliwack – Chilliwack Minor Lacrosse Association is answering questions about the season and refunds.

Chilliwack Minor Lacrosse is a not-for-profit organization which means that we carry minimal funds over from season to season. They rely on registration fees to pay for the cost of operations each year. They have expenses incurred to date that have already come out of the 2020 registration balance such as BCLA /LMMLC fees, insurance, equipment, floor time, socks and shorts etc. They are unable to recuperate these costs. If they were to offer a 100% refund to all members, the organization would be in a deficit of approximately $20,000 and the refund cheques would not clear the account.

Pro-rated refunds would only be offered after Chilliwack Minor Lacrosse know what the box lacrosse season will look like. At this time, the organization can offer the standard refund policy of 50% which was extended beyond the normal April 1st deadline. Any greater return, without seeing the whole financial picture, could potentially put the club in financial jeopardy.

Chilliwack Minor Lacrosse will be updating the season status on May 15th and again on June 1st.

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