Op/Ed – April Wine Frontman Concerned Musicians Could Be Away From The Stage For Two Years

Courtesy Myles Goodwyn Facebook Page

Halifax – Myles Goodwyn from April Wine has been a staple of the Canadian music scene since the 1970’s. We all know the tunes from Roller to Just Between You and Me to Oooowatanite to Could Have Been a Lady, I’m on Fire for You Baby, The Whole World’s Goin Crazy to Rock and Roll is a Vicious Game. ….well.. the list goes on and on.

The last time April Wine played the Fraser Valley, was the HUB Theatre at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre in 2012.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Goodwyn calls it. He was blunt yet realistic. In these days of COVID-19, live music, and April Wine in particular, have been and will continue to be hit hard.

It’s really hitting home the last week or so that live performing will likely not happen at all this year.
April Wine does not tour in the winter, it’s too difficult with weather issues and travel. We work April through November when all venues are a go. Until now that is. With predictions that we musicians will lose all concert work this year and probably next as well means 2 years without work. A sobering thought.
No live entertainment will be a first ever I think and that hurts, not just for performers but concerts goers as well. Live streaming is ok but it’s only a substitute for the real live experience. But we can hope and see what happens…..good luck to us all.

April Wine 2012 at Chilliwack Cultural Centre – Submitted

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