Overnight Work In Downtown Chlliwack Continues – Sanitary Gravity Main Sewer

Chilliwack – Those living in the downtown have been dealing with overnight construction for improvements to the Sanitary Gravity Main sewer that is old, outdated and needs to be upgraded before the Algra Brothers project is complete.

While the COVID-19 crisis has shut down construction by Algr Brothers on the Five Corners project, city crews still have their timeline to finish the sewer project.

That includes digging up streets, parking lots and alleys and trying to keep disruptions to a minimum.

The overnight work periods were split in two.

Work Period:
  Feb 03 – Mar 26 (6:00 PM – 6:00 AM)
  Mar 27 – Apr 09 (6:00 PM – 6:00 AM)

For those residents living near the downtown core, the constant beeping of back up lights as well as heavy truck movement has been annoying, but it has to be done.

For more information:

Contractor – Timbro Construction (A Partnership)
Contact     Julio Jara
Email:     julio@timbroconstruction.com
Phone:     604-991-8215

City Contact – Jeremy Van Egmond
Email:    vanegmond@chilliwack.com
Phone:     604-793-2769

Sewer Construction March 2020 Nighttime
Sewer Construction March 2020 Daytime

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