Chilliwack Evening Council (Public Hearings) CANCELED For March 17 and April 7 – 3 PM Is On – ONLY LIVE STREAMING

Chilliwack – UPDATE – In response to new Provincial health guidelines to cancel all gatherings over 50 people, the City of Chilliwack will cancel the public hearing/public information meeting on March 17, 2020 at 7:00pm.

“Council Chambers has audience seating for 150 people and we have no way of knowing how many people will be in attendance for tomorrow’s public hearing.” said Mayor Ken Popove.

“We always encourage public feedback and public hearings are an important process for the public to provide Council with direct feedback. It doesn’t make sense to host a public hearing while encouraging people to stay at home. In order to encourage social distancing and follow the guidelines outlined by the Province, we made the difficult decision to cancel the public hearing,” said the Mayor.

The 3:00pm Regular Meeting of Council will continue as scheduled, but residents and staff are encouraged to watch the meeting online at instead of in-person. Notices will also be posted on the doors of Council Chambers asking the public to watch online.

“It is important for Council to continue the business of City Hall and our 3:00pm meeting does not include a public feedback component. We urge the public to stay home and watch the Council meeting from the comfort of their home,” said Mayor Popove.

The next regularly scheduled 7:00 pm public hearing/public meeting on April 7, 2020 has also been cancelled. Public hearing/public meeting items will be rescheduled at a later date.

ORIGINAL STORY – At The 3PM Tuesday Chilliwack City Council Meeting, first, second and third reading is expected to allow the City to join a region wide business licence plan for ride hailing. This would allow companies like Uber and Lyft, the ability to only have to get one licence for their drivers instead on dealing with each and every jurisdiction.

From the City of Chilliwack Website:

On December 12, 2019, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation directed TransLink to facilitate an expedited Intermunicipal Business Licence (IMBL) for ride-hailing within Region 1 municipalities (including Chilliwack).

The proposal for an IMBL for ride-hailing and establish:

• Licensing authority

• Licence fee and structure

• Licence conditions

• Licence fee revenue sharing among participating municipalities

Council is requested to approve the City of Chilliwack’s participation in the IMBL for ride-hailing and consider the Bylaws necessary to implement the program.

There are no budgetary costs to participate In the program; however, the City will receive a revenue distribution in accordance with the revenue sharing formula as outlined within the Bylaw. The level of revenue is uncertain at this time, but as the program accrues some operational history, revenues will be budgeted, accordingly.

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