Top Real Estate Agents in Chilliwack/Abbotsford for 2019 Announced by

Fraser Valley – is a rating and review website for Canadians and Americans. It’s free for the general public and real estate professionals. As a social enterprise, the company pledges 50% of profit to worthy causes.

The top 9 real estate agents in Abbotsford for 2019 announced by The review site compiled and published the ​list of top rated agents in Abbotsford​ based on ratings and reviews received during the past year.

In ranked order, lowest to highest, the agents are:

9. Edward Brown

8. Megan Bartsch

7. Sat Swaich

6. Deb Shork

5. Elena Schneider

4. Kristy Dusdal

3. Sue Marples

2. Effie Sachami

1. David Tsen

The top 10 real estate agents in Chilliwack for 2019.

10. Sarah Toop

9. Jesse Hildebrandt

8. Kyle Hislop

7. Shane Setter

6. Gonzalo Santos

5. Usman Shahid

4. Denny Friesen

3. Catharine Deveau

2. Clayton Newberry

1. Serena Laye

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