Report: Teens Still Tuning Into Radio

Boynton Beach, Florida/Fraser Valley(Radio Ink) – A US report posted by industry magazine Radio Ink , has stopped radio critics in their tracks.

Despite reports that young consumers are spending more time with streaming platforms, social media and YouTube,Nielsen says 91% of teens (12-17) in small and medium markets are tuning into radio on a monthly basis.

Nielsen is out with its latest quarterly report focusing on small and medium markets.

The new report also says that 94% of 18-34 year old small and medium market population  are tuning into radio monthly and 99% of that population between the ages of 25 and 54  tune into radio on a monthly basis.

Throwing out the net over the 18+ demo, Nielsen says 98% of the small and medium market population is tuning to radio every month.

In the Hispanic 12+ population, 99% tune to radio every month, and in the African-American 12+ demo 98% tune in monthly.

Yes this is a US report however, American and Canadian radio listening trends are very similar. This is the ironic light of Canadian ( and many US) large media companies, downsizing and pooling shows on a number of stations.

This includes many Canadian medium and small markets, losing local morning shows in favour of one large and regional generic program.

In the Fraser Valley, Rogers and Pattison own the commercial radio stations, with the exception of Pulse FM Surrey, which is still a struggling independent.

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