Proposed Amendments to Motor Vehicle Act For E-Scooters, Electric Unicycles, Segways

Victoria – People who get around on e-scooters, electric unicycles or Segways, will be watching proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act.

If passed, the amendments will establish a regulatory framework to allow the use of increasingly diverse modes of personal transportation. These changes clarify how these are to be used and will ensure the safety of everyone who uses roads and sidewalks. The amendments also allow pilot projects to be established, giving government the chance to partner with communities in researching and testing how new mobility technologies fit in.

Currently, a device that does not fall under the act’s definition of a motor vehicle, cycle or pedestrian is not permitted to operate on highways or sidewalks. However, some new devices struggle to fit into any category and become “unauthorized vehicles.” These amendments will give government the ability to address this.

The proposed amendments ensure the definition of road user includes emerging active transportation modes, as part of the Active Transportation Strategy, Move.Commute.Connect. The strategy is part of the provincial government’s CleanBC plan, which was developed in collaboration with the BC Green Party caucus and supports the commitment in the Confidence and Supply Agreement to implement climate action to meet B.C.’s emission targets.

For more information about the Province’s overarching Active Transportation Strategy, visit:

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