737 Lands Safely At YXX After Hitting Geese

Abbotsford (with files from Shaun Glazier) – Freelance reporter Shaun Glazier told FVN that on Tuesday morning, a 737 bound for Alberta with 100 on board, had to make an emergency landing back in Abbotsford. The plane hit some geese and ” you can smell them cooking”.

Transport Canada will be investigating. The Edmonton bound aircraft will go through the standard system checks.

A loud boom could be heard on the ground as well as on board.

Swoop Airlines told media that after repairs, the flight should be heading to Edmonton by 11:30 PM Tuesday evening.

Tiffany Michael told FVN: Just under it as it happened, I ran out of my office, because I work around things that can go boom. I missed the action outside but my coworker saw flames shooting out of jet engine. My building felt every boom from the engine. Glad everyone is safe 🦢🛩

Screenshots courtesy Shaun Glazier.

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