Coarse Fish Demonstration – Island 22, Monday September 2nd

Courtesy Chris Gadsden

Chilliwack – The Fraser Valley Salmon Society is holding a coarse fish demonstration fishery on Monday, September 2 at Island 22 in Chilliwack. The demonstration fishery will begin at 10 a.m. and conclude at 1:00 p.m. The species being fished for include Pike Minnow, Pea Mouth Chub and common suckers—all coarse fish.

The Facebook page is here.

For further information on this demonstration fishery contact the President of the Fraser Valley Salmon Society, Dean Werk, at 604.991.3474

Courtesy Chris Gadsden

The Fraser Valley Salmon Society represents the recreational angler and is frustrated over the lack of fishing opportunity. The “no trout fishing” regulation for the Fraser River which went into effect on August 15 effectively removed one of the only remaining fisheries for the recreational fisher. Fishing for coarse fish is now one of the only fishing opportunities remaining for this group. This latest closure decision borders on the absurd.
Recent decisions by both provincial and federal ministries responsible have proven to be ineffective in fisheries management. This latest edict again targets the recreational fisher and was implemented without any consultation or scientific evidence that it will result in protection of our valuable fish stocks. That the Fraser Valley Salmon Society is extremely disappointed in the closure of trout fishing on the Fraser River is an understatement. Agencies that made that decision need to do better.
The Fraser Valley Salmon Society supports the closure for salmon fishing when based on good science and in no way plans to pursue that fishery until regulations permit. The Society’s mandate is conservation, opportunity and habit protection.
Decision makers have not considered the fact that the public has right to simply recreate. The coarse fish demonstration fishery will provide that opportunity for men, women and children. Recreation fishing is truly a family activity.

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