UPDATE – In Search For Ethel ‘Grace’ Baranyk – Family Returns To UK Without Closure

Chilliwack – JULY 22 UPDATE – Family members of Grace Baranyk headed back to the UK after their trip to Chilliwack. They joined other searchers for their loved one, the missing 86 year old with dementia and other medical issues. The search, now into week 2, and had plenty of false sightings yet no concrete leads. On the official Facebook page for the search, MISSING: (Ethal) GRACE BARANYK – Lisa Johannes Bisschop posted: We said our goodbyes to the remaining family today. A few ground searchers out, as well as a call from firefighters in Harrison putting a group of members together for a ground search out there. Thank-you to everyone who was dropping off flyers, drinks, snacks and supplies! Great exposure from the media interviews with Richard Richards today. We wish them well & safe travels home


JULY 20 UPDATE – The famnily of 86 year old Ethel ‘Grace’ Baranynk, are now in Chilliwack from the UK. Lisa Johannes Bisschop, one of the administrators for the Facebook page MISSING: (ETHAL) GRACE BARANYK posted that some family spoke at Friday’s Party In The Park:

Daily Update for Day 7: Today we met Grace’s brother & sister-in-law along with other extended family. We had a group of horses out behind the McCammon school area as well as another group on horseback that tracked 15 km along the Rotary Trail in Sardis. Tomorrow we will be sending out with more horse groups. We also had a thorough search of the south west parks in the Sardis area. Coverage at several different locations all over the City. Trevor McDonald invited us to speak at Party in the Park tonight so myself along with one nephew of Grace thanked the crowd, asked for assistance and handed out flyers. Keep spreading the word & keep praying!

Grace’s Nephew took to the Facebook page MISSING: (ETHAL) GRACE BARANYK on Saturday night:

Since arriving yesterday, I have been overwhelmed with the support here. The community has been kind and caring and visitors have been the same. Whether it was people at Party in the Park or the Superstore parking lot, everyone I talked to about Aunt Grace was deeply concerned. I cannot thank everyone enough. The volunteers, RCMP and media have been exceptional. I realize the time you spend helping my family is time you’ve taken away from your family.

I will update this group with information as it becomes available to me. Thank you.

Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.


ORIGINAL STORY JULY 14 – Last Saturday the search for Grace Baranyk started as a Silver Alert. It is now officially a missing persons case.  The RCMP is seeking the public’s assistance to locate Ethel ‘Grace’ Baranynk, 86, of Chilliwack.  Ms. Baranyk was last seen on July 13 approximately 10:30AM by a caregiver in the 45000-block of Lenora Crescent.

The ground search started around a perimeter of Townshend Park and Prospera Centre and has now increased to all of downtown, libraries, coffee shops and asking the homeless if they have seen her. As of 6PM Sunday Chilliwack Search and Rescue temporarily called off there search until Monday morning as they have been searching for 24 hrs straight and need a break.

Also on Monday, a private company brought in a blood hound in training to assist the Search. RCMP Sgt Mike Rail has urged searchers to look at “every nook and cranny”.

On Tuesday it was confirmed on social media from Don Creighton HC/DC Aerial Photography , that RCMP and SAR received clearance to use drones in the search.

On Wednesday, Trevor McDonald and Mayor Ken Popove released a search update on Facebook. Due to the rain, drone searches are suspended.

On Thursday, the Facebook page MISSING: (ETHAL) GRACE BARANYK, stated that Carl Stychin has flown in from London, UK to help locate his mother.

Posted by Trevor McDonald on Wednesday, July 17, 2019
No photo description available.
No photo description available.

Posters are up around the city core.

If you see Grace call RCMP 604-792-4611. Stay with her until help arrives. File number 2019-29414

A Facebook page for the search is here. While it has been filled with comments, administrators are trying to keep the chatter to a minimum and concentrate on the search grid. The better part of Chilliwack has been inundated with those assisting on their own dime.

Lead Administrator for the Facebook Group (MISSING: (ETHAL) GRACE BARANYK), RL Dakin, has been frantically keeping pace with the information.

Grace has dementia and in need of serious medication which makes the situation even scarier for all.

Margaret Reid with the FB group , Chilliwack Citizen for Change posted:

It is imperative that we all share this information, search our properties, and hang/hand out posters if we can. Grace is 86 and suffers from dementia- it is going to take a community to find her. SAR, RCMP, dogs, drones, and kayaks have all been employed in the search but they can’t go onto private properties so please check everywhere you can. If you want to stay connected with the ground search, please go to the group here.

Ethel ‘Grace’ Baranyk is described as:

·         Caucasian female.

·         Height: 163 cm (5’4”).

·         Weight: 54 kgs. (120 lbs).

·         Hair: Grey / White cut short and may be in rollers.

·         Wearing a grey sweater, grey vest, and navy blue pants.

As RCMP officers supported by Chilliwack Search and Rescue continue to search for Ms. Baranyk they ask the public to remain watchful for her.

“Ms. Baranyk answers to the name Grace and may appear to be disorientated or confused,” says Corporal Mike Rail spokesperson for the UFVRD. “Police and caregivers are concerned for Grace’s well-being and believe she may be in need of medical attention.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ethel ‘Grace’ Baranyk is urged to contact the Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611 or, should you wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

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