Clean Energy Compression Grand Opening In Chilliwack (VIDEO)

Chilliwack – The building is about a year old and the great move into the new facility on South Sumas is complete. IMW insudtries was established in Chilliwack over 100 years ago. Better known as Clean Energy Compression, their first family day at the new plant was also their grand opening to the media.

Compression for the transport of natural gas products is not an easy thing. The plant makes compressors, at a rate of 2 a week. These monsters are assembled in Chilliwack and at $220K a piece, the company is now doing over $20M in yearly businesses with over 40 countries from around the world.

The website can be found here.

The entire operation was scattered and is now under one roof. Chilliwack Councilor Harv Westeringh joined General Manager Colm Murphy for the presentation and ribbon cutting ceremony:

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