Poll – Abbotsford Loves Their Quality Of Life

Abbotsford – Over 1, 475 residents shared their views in Abbotsford’s first ever comprehensive quality of life survey.  Through May and August 2018, residents provided insights on internationally recognized quality of life indicators to develop a baseline measure of community sentiments.  These results will be compared to future quality of life surveys to measure progress on the indicators. 

Overall, City of Abbotsford residents have a strong sense of community and are positive about their quality of life. A total of 85% of respondents indicated that they have a fair to strong level of satisfaction with their quality of life, and 80% of respondents indicated that they are living close to their best possible life.  Community engagement and volunteerism was a key indicator with 45% of respondents volunteering their time at least quarterly and 80% of respondents feeling a strong sense of trust with their neighbours and businesses in Abbotsford.

The objectives of this survey were to measure residents’ general satisfaction with their quality of life as well as residents’ feelings of belonging to the community, levels of trust and community engagement, as well as the experiences that contribute most to residents’ feelings of satisfaction.  These quality of life objectives were measured alongside residents’ satisfaction with city services and the awareness of those services. 

Participants represented a range of demographics across the community.
Quality of Life Survey Information: www.abbotsford.ca/quality

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