Chilliwack’s Unofficial “Mayor” Hit’s Milestone Anniversary With BIA – 20 Years!

Courtesy Chilliwack BIA

Chilliwack – Forget Mayor Ken Popove, the Chilliwack BIA (Business Improvement Association) man about town, Harold Zinke IS THE MAYOR OF CHILLIWACK. (Mayor Popove knows we like to kid around)

On May 8, Harold celebrated 20 years of service to the BIA and he is more than “just the guy picking up garbage” around town.

Harold is loved and love the community back in ways that are down right amazing. His patrol includes some rough territory, and he always stops to talk to people and talks about the news (don’t let the innocent smile fool you, Harold is well versed in current affairs, let alone street heat)

Two years ago, Harold had to find a new place to live and there was a situation with his previous residence. Social media exploded with support. So much so that the outlets used by FVN jammed up. Over 120,000 hits in one day (on FVN alone) from not just the Valley, across the country. People who have interacted with Harold were showing support.

From the BIA Facebook Page:
Could this guy be any happier!? 20 years Friday with our organization, and every day a grin so wide it’s infectious.

Thanks to Prestons Chilliwack for hosting our beautiful celebration.
Also thanks to our Board of Directors, Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation, Community Futures South Fraser & Self Employment Program, Sue Knott, Chilliwack City Councillor , and Mayor Ken Popove for celebrating with us!.

Many thanks to Cornerstone Custom Picture Framing and Gallery for helping us create Harold’s gift💛 (see below).

Courtesy Chilliwack BIA

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