City of Abbotsford – Preparing For More Plowing, Emergency Shelters, Closed Parks

AbbotsfordRecent winds and sub-zero temperatures have impacted roads, parks, and electricity across Abbotsford. All City parks and trails have been temporarily closed due to current weather conditions. Residents are reminded to use caution in icy conditions and to refrain from ice skating and/or walking on frozen ponds and lakes as it is extremely hazardous. 

Road crews have been sanding & salting and are continuing throughout the day today. Roads are classified into three priorities: 

  • First Priority Roadways:  includes approximately 350 kilometers of all high volume and strategic arterial and collector roads which includes transit routes, school zones and major access to hillside areas.
  • Second Priority Roadways:  includes approximately 170 kilometers of the remaining arterial, hillside and collector routes.
  • Third Priority Roadways:  includes the remaining approximately 390 kilometers of roadways, usually local roadways, not identified as first and second priority.

First priority roads are maintained until conditions are under control and safe, subject to worker and equipment availability and weather. Once these roads are cleared, resources are redirected to second priority routes and then to third priority routes. The City of Abbotsford maintains and manages approximately 910 km of paved roadways across the community.

The following shelters will be providing additional shelter spaces during the extreme winter weather.

·        Salvation Army, 34081 Gladys Avenue, Abbotsford

·        Gateway Church, 2884 Abbotsford Mission Highway, Abbotsford

·        The Warm Zone (adult females), 33264 Old Yale Road, Abbotsford

To arrange outreach and/or transportation, please call the Cyrus Centre at 604-859-5773


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