CHC Corrects Myths About Naloxone Kits Left In Cars

Chilliwack – In a recent weekly email out from CHC Chilliwack Healthier Community and Fraser Health, the organizations took to social media to correct a media report of the storage of naloxone kits in your car. Yes the stability of the drug can be in question in hot weather but the correction was to keeping such a kits in your car during thew inter.

The release stated:
There was recently an article published by the CBC warning folks not to keep their naloxone kit in their car this winter and that kits exposed to temperatures below 5°C should be replaced. This is not in accordance with BC CDC guidelines.
Here is the 
BC CDC 1-pager on Naloxone and Temperature which states:
“The manufacture has performed stability studies and determined that the product remains stable after exposure to freezing temperatures as low as -20°C for up to 2 weeks.”
Part of THN training reminds folks naloxone is heat and light sensitive and
not to keep naloxone in the car during the summer months. However, Fraser Region winters do not experience these extreme below 0°C temperatures for sustained periods of time.

CHC Chilliwack Healthier Community website is here.

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